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This project will take place in Brazil, with teachers from Brazil and Canada. Participants will come from across the globe, from vastly different local economic realities.


We are offering two sliding scales for program tuition, with the intention to balance participant access and program sustainability. Participants with more access to resources are invited to support those with less access by paying higher on the scale. You are responsible for choosing your place on the scale. We ask you to consider your own capacity to earn and to find financial support in relation to a global context.

Some factors to consider:

  • Currency you most often use

  • Country you live in

  • Income tax bracket

  • Capacity to meet basic needs (food, housing, transportation)

  • Debt level and capacity to pay it

  • Housing (home ownership, rental type, precarious housing, etc)

  • Access to healthcare

  • Expendable income (coffee shops, drinks, movies, concerts, new clothing, etc)

  • Capacity to save and access savings

  • Employment (full/part time, employment type, need for employment, etc)

  • Ability to take vacations

  • Annual income level

  • Dependents (children, elders, etc)


Global North and Global South are manufactured terms used to describe socio-economic, political, material and historical characteristics and dynamics globally. “Global South” refers broadly to regions of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. "Global North" generally means Europe, North America, Australia and some countries in East Asia. These terms are messy. There are always exceptions and challenges to these categories/frameworks.


Our goal in creating two sliding scales is to support equity and community care in a global context. Please take the time to reflect honestly about your ability to pay and your access to financial resources. We are working hard to make this retreat affordable and accessible, and tuition remains our principle source of income to pay the costs of the program. Please pay at the level that you are able and consider what price is a fair reflection of the value of the program.

Sliding Scale # 1  (“Global North”)

For people living in Canada/Global North; medium to high access to wealth/resources in the global context. 

Sliding Scale # 2  (“Global South”)

For people living in Brazil/Global South; lower access to wealth/resources in the global context.

Join in and be part of building this collaborative retreat model. Our desire is to bring together people from different walks of life, knowing that we all have something to contribute and something to receive.

If you are applying to an arts council or other funding organization for funding to attend this program, please be in touch so we can provide you with a letter of invitation to support your application.


If you are a Canadian citizen and an artist please connect with the Canada Council for the Arts and your provincial arts council about travel and professional development grants. Do not leave this until the last minute! Funding is available if you are proactive.

Meals & Accommodations

Meals and Accommodations are separate, and not included in tuition. This is to allow flexibility for various participant needs.

We are partnering with a local production space called Studio TOCA to offer meals and accommodations. Studio TOCA - at Toca do Lagarto inn - is a residential space and studio open to the local community and slowly growing international artistic residencies. Camila Seeger, who is on faculty for Sensing Bodies, has built Studio TOCA in Gamboa with her family as a space to welcome local and visiting artists.



Studio TOCA is offering lunch and dinner on site as an add-on package for those who would like to purchase meals. This package will cover the nine days of classes, but not our day of rest mid-way through the program.


Food will be simple and delicious vegetarian meals with organic salad, freshly made on site every day.  Meals are a beautiful way to connect with others during this program. Sharing food creates community! We encourage you to join in the meal package, to make your stay more restful and to create more space to build relationships with other attendees.

For those who wish to prepare their own meals, there are grocery stores and restaurants in the community.


There are a number of guesthouses and home rental options to suit the various needs of participants. There are also limited camping spaces (up to seven spaces) for those who prefer camping. Camping does not include kitchen access, but does include shower access. All accommodations will be in walking distance of our program space and of the amenities in Gamboa.


Once you've registered, we will direct you to accommodations. The sooner you register, the easier it is for us to help you find the accommodations that will work best for you.

Cancellation Policy

By January 1st, 2023: If you need to cancel for any reason, we will refund the amount paid minus a 150$ CAD  / 50R administration fee.

From January 2nd, 2023 – February 27th, 2023: There are no refunds, but if the retreat is sold-out, we will invite someone from our waitlist. If we find a replacement, we will refund the amount paid minus the 150$ CAD / 50R administration fee.

After February 28, 2023 (retreat start date): There are no refunds or transfers.

Please be in touch if you have any questions about this event. We'd love to hear from you.

Thank You!
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