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Location & FAQ


Gamboa is a small fishing and surfing community one hour's drive south of Florianópolis, Brazil, near the town of Garopaba.

Our event is at Beira Mar, the community cultural centre in Gamboa, and in the surrounding environment.



When is the program?

Feb 28 - March 9, 2023 inclusive. Please arrive anytime on Feb 27, and leave anytime on March 10 in order to be present for the entire project. You can arrive earlier and stay later if you wish.

Can I attend only one part of the retreat?

This event is designed to be immersive, and to create connections over time. We ask you to commit to being present for the whole 10 days. (If at any point you feel unwell or need a rest, that's ok.)

Why are accommodations not included?

Everybody has different food and sleep needs. Gamboa has a variety of options so that everyone can be comfortable according to their own situation.

Can I bring my family?

If you would like to create a family trip around this event, there are enough accommodations options to support this.

Is there childcare available?

Young children can be in the program space with us, in keeping with Brazilian culture. Let's facilitate intergenerational transmission of knowledge. Expectations are that children be present without distracting. We are also discussing other options - details coming.

How much time do we spend in program?

60 hours spread over 10 days, including a day off.

What is the event space?

Classes are at Gamboa's community centre. It is a big open indoor space with lots of light. We also have opportunities within program time to explore the beach, ocean, dunes and other natural spaces.

I want to come but I need financial support - what can I do?

Please connect with your arts councils and professional membership organizations. If you are an artist living in Canada, we can direct you to  professional development funding for artists. If you need a letter of invitation for a funding application, we can provide this.

In what language is this program offered?

Our team collectively speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. We also speak body language. And, we invite listening without understanding as a practice.

I am NOT a professional artist - is this event for me?

Yes! We love when people with different experiences and backgrounds come together to share and exchange. If you are interested in this event, you can come.

I AM a professional artist - is this event for me?

Yes! Again, we love when people with different experiences and backgrounds come together. We offer new perspectives, and relationships between practices. The focus of this retreat is shared experience, process, connection and community.

What amenities are in Gamboa?

There are grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, guesthouses, and other amenities. There is no bank or ATM. The closest ATM is in Garopaba which is 30 minutes south of Gamboa by car.

How do I get there?

International participants: fly into Florianópolis international airport (probably connecting through Sao Paulo). Gamboa is one hour south of Florianópolis by car. We offer support for participants to coordinate about bus and taxi transport from Florianópolis to Gamboa.

Do I need a visa or any immunizations?

Check with your government on entry requirements to Brazil, as well as re-entry requirements for your country of origin. Entry requirements change in response to global realities, so please stay up-to-date about your situation.

What should I bring with me?

Mosquito repellent. Bathing suit. Medications. Some cash in Brazilian reals, just in case. Clothing for summer weather. White clothing, for special events. Rain gear, just in case. Sun protection gear, for sure.

Where are all the nature photos on the website from?

All nature photos were taken on location in Gamboa, by Damarise Ste Marie and Fernanda Mafra. Yes, it is very beautiful!

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